Talking with Groundswell

On last week blog, we covered the POST method that describes the five different objectives that the management can take. Under of which is the objective of “Talking”. In this week’s blog, the topic is how we can use the groundswell to talk, or voice, or connect with clients or customers.

There are four common ways that business can do to talk with people through the use of groundswell. First, post a viral video. Create an effective and creative video that people might see as fun or interesting enough to share with others. Then, upload it in one of the groundswell platforms such as YouTube. An example of this is when Lululemon ride the popularity of the song Harlem Shake and created their version. Second, engage in social networks and user-generated content sites. This is when you create a personality within the social networking sites (Li & Bernoff, 2011).

Source: YouTube


Third, join the blogosphere. Businesses can use the blogging sites to write about the products or services, and create a conversation with the customer by listening and responding. Last, create a community. It is one of the most effective ways to talk with customers and create value for them (Li & Bernoff, 2011). This is exactly what Adobe did. They created communities for different products they have, listen to customers, answering questions, and giving tips to customers. This has created value to customers and brand loyalty.


Here are some tips on successful blogging (Li & Bernoff, 2011):

1. Start by listening – monitor the blogs to see what’s being said about your company and what others are doing.
2. Estimate the ROI – what will it be focused on? What are your goals with creating a blog?
3. Develop a plan
4. Rehearse – write several posts before allowing them to go live online.
5. Develop an editorial process – have someone to review or edit the blog to make sure everything is correct and legal to publish.

blogging_platforms-580x2906. Design the blog and its connection to your site – you will have to decide how to feature the blog on the company’s homepage. 
7. Develop a marketing plan so people can find the blog
– start with traditional methods to get customers introduced to the blog.
8. Remember that blogging is more than writing.
8. Be honest – people expect a blog to be a genuine statement of a person’s opinion.

In conclusion, businesses have to choose one or more platforms online that will suit the organization structure and its target market. It is not an easy task to do and it will require much research to effectively influence the consumers. Talking through the groundswell can change how you see marketing efforts. It is a messy process that involves tons of comments, reviews, feedback. However, it is an effective way to create value to customers.



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