Chapter 12: the Groundswell Inside your Company

This week’s blog is the last topic for my social media marketing course. This talks about the employees inside the company and how they use groundswell effectively. For the last few chapters, we were talking about the customers and external components that drive the groundswell. This time, we see the inside of the company of how they encourage their employees to be active in the groundswell. Li and Bernoff (2011) mention “throughout corporations around the world, employees are connecting on internal social networks, collaborating on wikis, and contributing to idea exchanges”. This is one of the many ways that creates innovation inside the company. Strong work relationship with employees is important as it leads to diverse ideas that help to build a strong foundation. Take Best Buy as an example. The company created the Blue Shirt Nation that became an expert in internal social networking. By using various social media templates, employees at Best Buy are given the opportunity to share ideas, give feedback, and become one team that allows for improvement.

Another example of a company that uses groundswell to connect with their employees is the Razorfish. The company used a wiki to help the employees get connected to the top management. This allows for more encouragement that continues to keep the employees working hard. Below is a link that leads to an explanation why you should create internal wiki for your company.

With all the efforts of creating an online community inside the company, now, the top management has to give the support that the employees and the groundswell need for it to be effective. Groundswell has such an amazing power that continues to challenge our ability and keeps on giving.



Li, C. & Bernoff, J. (2011). Groundswell: Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies. Harvard Business School Press.


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